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Friday, March 24, 2006

The Sopranos - Season 6 (2)

My favorite family of criminals is back, but so far I'm none too sure about how happy I should be about it. The first episode caused mostly consfusion, for its lack of continuity - for instance how come Tony and Carmela are as harmonious again as we see them, was there any fallout from the horrible murder of Adriana that made last seasons second to last episode so intensely hard to watch - and for its lack of direction. Nothing is happening we haven't seen many times before, no plot is advanced, right up until the moment Tony gets shot by Junior, who seems to be truly demented by now, but also might be scheming again. The second episode then has us all watch Tony linger in limbo, while his spiritual and bodily fate are being decided. The metaphorical, dreamlike sequences are nice to watch, but once again the episode doesn't advance much. Except maybe for AJ's promise of a revenge killing.


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