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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Michelangelo Antonioni - L'Avventura (3)

This was praised and much discussed when it came out in the late sixties for its refreshingly novel cinematic way of storytelling - or so the Netflix cover blurb tells us. The story is that of a bunch of rich people, bored to glassy stares byu their eventless lives, vacationing among the Aeolic Islands. One of the women vanishes, and her best friend and her lover embark on a quest to solve the mystery and find her, and get close in the process. Or the equivalent of closeness in artsy cinema overcharged with undertones and cranked up to a maximum of meaning with a minimum of substance. That might seem unfair, but I find it unfair to have to watch beautiful women and great cinematography without plot or point, so I guess we're even, Mr. Antonioni.


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