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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Bent Hamer - Salmer fra kjøkkenet (1)

I can't praise this movie enough. It's premise is utterly absurd, it's characters subtle and lovable, the ending uncompromising, yet uplifting, and the undertones of the political and cultural history of Sweden and Norway masterfully woven in. The movie is about an old Norwegian farmer with a sick horse, who is sick himself. With promises of a new horse a Swedish research team lures him as a subject into a study of kitchen efficiency. The horse he receives is a little wooden one, and the study involves a Swedish researcher sitting in high chair in the subject's kitchen, observing everything he does and taking notes, but forbidden to interfere. After initial hostilities the two become friends, to the chagrin of the study's director, who insists on a positivist approach. A simple message - involvement begets understanding - in a marvellously absurd and laconically poetic setting. Go see it.


Blogger marie said...

One of my favourite movies too. I saw it because I liked "Elling" so much and hoped for something equally good. Maybe I should check out your other #1 recommendations.

5:31 PM


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