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Monday, March 06, 2006

The 78th Annual Academy Awards Ceremony (2)

Come Oscar time, I usually display a reasonable level of excitement, and like to watch the ceremony if possible. This year, however, like all his other urban slacker fans - to paraphrase O'Reilly - I absolutely had to, because Jon Stewart hosted, promising more than the usual detached entertainment narrative for a show that is, after all, the biggest self-reflective event for today's dominant art form. And Stewart, while maybe not as hilariously funny as his fans are used to seeing him, did a terrific job of bringing relevance to the self-congratulation. Edgy comments abounded, yet he never got sharp enough to allow easy dismissal. The awards themselves were less exciting, with the winning of Best Picture by Crash and, of course, the Oscar for Best Original Song going to Three 6 Mafia - which you can view either as the victory of black underground culture, or the completion of its sellout, depending - and the endless stream of masturbatory montages being outright painful to watch.

The most interesting thing I learned, however, wasn't directly related to the Oscars at all. We do not have cable, and to see the ceremony I had to cycle through the rain and buy some rabbit ears at RadioShack. And after a full night of ABC, with its utterly stupid society journalists and a barrage of advertising cutting everything into debilitating chunks of fast paced cutting, I fully recall why it is I don't watch TV any more. It's because that shit makes me agressive, bitch. I guess it's finally all right to write stuff like that on a family oriented blog. Big thanks to Three 6 Mafia for that.


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