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Friday, February 03, 2006

Takeshi Kitano - Zatoichi (3)

This could have been a marvelous homage to martial arts movies in general and the Zatoichi series in particular, full of references to details of Japanese culture, and funny little scenes. But unfortunately the plot, which should have been a simple story of evil oppression and the lone swordsman who breaks it, is told in such a fragmented and oblique style, that it gets into the way, rather than providing the frame upon which all the fine details are hung. It's too bad, there is so much to love in here, but it all just doesn't come together.


Blogger kybruno said...

You seem to know more about these martial arts movies than most, why don't you whip up a script? Do that whole Shakespeare in Love thing will a ton jokes only other insiders would get.

2:33 PM


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