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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Everyone's Waiting (2/3)

I lost interest in this overblown, thickly layered soap opera somewhere in season two, but when I heard that the final episode was exceptionally well done, and the bothersome Nate would finally die, I thought it might be nice closure to watch it. Unfortunately, the, err, video supply store, accidentally delivered the final episode of season three, and not until the final minutes of that tedious, overdramatized convolution of plots did that fact dawn on me. What a waste of an hour.

The true final episode then wasn't quite as bad, but somewhat disappointing. Until the moment when Claire drives away from LA, Nate's ghost jogs down in her rear view mirror, and the future of all the characters is revealed, up to their deaths. That this touched me, even though I didn't care for any one of the characters, speaks to the quality of the sequence. But if you're like me, and want to see it, skip the first 40 minutes of the episode. They're just business as usual.


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