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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Xan Cassavetes - Z Channel (2)

This is a very entertaining and cinematically inspiring movie, but oddly that's not due so much to how it tells its tale - which, in fact, drags a bit toward the end, and could have lost a few of the lengthier asides - but to what that tale actually is. The history of LA based Z channel's amazing programming, and the simple fact that it did exist, bringing all of those offbeat und underrated movies to an intelligent audience, essentially counteracting the stupid culture suppressing forces of market and money, is both heartening and disturbing. For if it's possible to do TV without simultaneuously numbing the viewers mind and cranking up their aggression with marketing, why is it not happening anywhere? Give us more programming tailored to that "Uncommon Denominator" Z worked so magnificently toward, you bastards!


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