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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Robert Lieberman - Legends of Earthsea (5)

When I realized three minutes into the movie, that the script had swapped Ged/Sparrowhawk's true and public names, I suspected impending doom. It's a minor detail, but it betrays all the reckless disrespect and cluelessness, as well as the love affair with superficial deepness (Sparrowhawk! Doesn't it just sound more magical!) that makes this one of the most horrid adaptations of written material to the screen I've ever seen. So much money and effort, so foolishly and pointlessly wasted, with some of the most subtle storytelling in fiction warped into a crude, martial mockery. The only good thing about this disgrace is that in contrast, Le Guin's books shine all the more. If you think you want to watch this, shoot yourself in the foot instead and moan for three hours. At least that way you'll have learned something.


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