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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Box / Park - The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (1)

This movie is sheer genius, and an impressive feat of diligence and design to boot. The humorous plot devices are incredibly inventive, the rabitt armada is a force of cuteness that has no peer, and the combination of horror movie and vegetable gardening is just delicious. Even the special features on this DVD kick ass, with an awesome bonus short from Aardman studios, and the precious piece of information that Wensleydale, the watery cheese Wallace loves so much, was in deep financial trouble until the films came along and saved the company. Reminds me of the insane effect the movie Sideways and it' main character's criticism of Merlot and praise of Pinot Noir had on the sales of these wines. People are sheep, which is not only bad in itself, but also about ten years behind the vogue. It's rabbits, now, folks, so you better start thinking for yourself. About nice, juicy carrots.


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